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First News

New Facility Opportunity

November Update:

Work continues to go on behind the scene with regards to the Christian Science Church (CSC) project. The CSC are presently completing Archeological and Phase II Environmental studies. Early results show nothing negative on the Archeologist study however they have found oil contamination on the site. The contamination is confined to the property and has not spread to adjacent properties. Test wells have been dug and monitors installed. We should have complete results within the next couple of weeks. CSC is fully aware that it is their responsibility to have the contamination cleaned up at their expense. This of course will delay any possible closing date. We are guessing, at this point in time, but think pledged monies will not need to be paid for at least another 3 or 4 weeks. We will keep you appraised as we get more information in this regard.

Letter from our Pastor:

Dear Friends of First,

 What an opportunity God has dropped in our lap! Just when it seemed like the dream that we had for more than 30 years of a church facility on the edge of the university campus enabling us to reach out to the students and people in the South End had died, after losing the bid to buy Canadian Martyrs Church, we were contacted about another property for sale just down the street. The Christian Science Church located at the corner of Inglis and South Park has become available. The hope is to purchase the property (assessed at $1.04 million) and eventually build a new facility. With $200,000 in our Vision Fund, we need to come up with an offer in just a few weeks’ time.

If you were blessed by your time at First, and believe in the Vision of reaching out to university students and people in the South End with the Good News of the Gospel, would you prayerfully consider helping us in the purchase of this property?

Sincerely in Christ, Douglas Mott

 If you would like to help support our bid on the property, please click here: Pledge Sheet.
You can email it to andrea@firstcong.ca, or mail it to us at 1871 Seldon Street, Halifax NS B3H 3X3.