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First News

Membership Course Tuesdays 7pm

Have you taken our Membership Course? Already a member but you still have questions about what the church is really all about? Join Pastor Doug Tuesday evenings April 14 - May 5 as he leads "Stop Dating the Church". Email Pastor Doug or Gail Stacey, or speak to one of them after Sunday's service to sign up.

Membership Course Week 1 Reflection

"We sometimes say, thoughtlessly I think, that the church is not a building. It’s people. I’m not so sure. Synagogues and temples, cathedrals, chapels, and storefront meeting halls provide continuity in place and community for Jesus to work his will among his people. A place, a building, collects stories and develops associations that give local depth and breadth and continuity to our experience of following Jesus. We must not try to be more spiritual than Jesus in this business. Following Jesus means following him into sacred buildings that have a lot of sinners in them, some of them very conspicuous sinners. Jesus doesn’t seem to mind.

A spirituality that has no institutional structure or support very soon becomes self-indulgent and subjective and one-generational. A wise and learned student of these things, Baron Friedrich von Hügel thought long and hard about this and insisted that institutional religion is absolutely necessary, being an aspect of the incarnational core that is characteristic of the Christian faith."

~ Eugene Peterson, The Jesus Way